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Seez Mics Album Release Party

Seez Mics Album Release Party

Catch the One Love Massive member Seez Mics ‪”Cruel Fuel‬” album release party Saturday, September 27 at The Velvet Lounge!* 8-1am. Be there!

Performances by Seez Mics, Maxmakesmusic, Chrome Bills, Cubbiebear, and fellow OLM Collective member Ardamus.

Pre-order Cruel Fuel here.

*The Velvet Lounge only sells tickets at the door and only accepts cash. However, the bar accepts cash and credit.

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9/18 - 9/21 DC House Grooves Weekly Roundup

9/18 – 9/21 DC House Grooves Weekly Roundup

Check out this week’s weekly roundup from our friends over at DC House Grooves. Collective Member The Metaphysical is highlighted, as well as Phillip Goyette, who we highlighted earlier this week. Find out which shows you should be seeing this weekend! Also, be sure to check out the OLM Events calendar, to support your favorite Collective Members and jam your weekend full of awesomeness.

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Frank Lero interviewed at Riot Fest Chicago 2014

Our friends over at Cosmos Gaming interviewed Frank Lero at Riot Fest Chicago. Lero is the famed member of…

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