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Sale and Party at The Noon This Sunday

Sale and Party at The Noon This Sunday

Some of our favorite people, The Noon, are having an awesome event this Sunday. This solid DC supplier of Hookahs, Pipe tobacco, Rolling tobacco, Papers, Pipes, Butane, Clothing, E-cigs, E-cig juices, and more is hosting a celebration that includes a sale, live glassblowing, live music, DJ’s, a raffle, and free food!

It’s going down Sunday at noon at their store at 7918 Georgia Ave. Silver…

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Hour of Glower Radio Show With Boss Ross

Hour of Glower Radio Show With Boss Ross

Team One Love’s techno master Boss Ross will be taking the decks out of the club and onto the airwaves tonight. Normally known for taking an eclectic and deep ended stance during his Composite nights at Backbar, he’s taking that same focus to Mixlr for the Hour of Glower. We imagine it’s going to be a night of stellar selection, but Boss Ross’ descriptors take things to the next level.


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MCFERRDOG – I Wanna See, Video

NYC up-and-comer, Max McFerren, has returned, this time under the name MCFERRDOG. In churning out a full release, he’s focused here on I Wanna See for video treatment.

Win Two Tickets to the 2nd Annual Broccoli City Festival Goes Down in DC on April 19th

Win Two Tickets to the 2nd Annual Broccoli City Festival Goes Down in DC on April 19th

We’ve already talked about how stoked we are for the 2nd annual Broccoli City Festival, going down in DC on April 19th. It’s going to be an epic day of music, art, and learning about health and sustainability. The headliners include Cam’ron, Jojo, Dizzy Wright, Just Blaze, Vashtie, Chuck Inglish, and more. Activities include a pop up marketplace featuring cool and diverse vendors, group
yoga and…

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Steve Starks - BLOOD CLOT

Steve Starks – BLOOD CLOT

DC’s own secret weapon, Steve Starks, has been slowly honing his craft in new secret base of LA. Always one to drop killer free jamz, Starks recently hit us again with a new number called, BLOOD CLOT. It’s a big thick chunk of dancehall sampled trap. Eschewing the myriad of well exhausted trap sounds, Steve Starks keeps the basic basic feel while taking things his own direction. Vocal samples go…

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Brother Bliss - Start the Heart Volume 43

Brother Bliss – Start the Heart Volume 43

It’s Monday, and if you’re in the DMV, you spent a weekend celebrating full fledged summer. We’re quite sure you want to take those vibes with you all week long here. Even if you’re not in our neck of the woods, we want to share some of this love with you. We can’t think of a better way to push all these feelings than with Team One Love’s Brother Bliss, and his excellent Start the Heartmix series.

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Happy Machine: Standard Music Library 1970-2010

Happy Machine: Standard Music Library 1970-2010

If you’re a fan of library music, like some of us here over at the One Love Camp are, then this will be the best news you’ve heard in a while. If you’re unfamiliar with library music, it’s the incidental music, created by studio musicians, that adds the tone to commercials, TV announcements, sports intros and the like. Originally never intended for the general listening audience, library music…

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Love the Nightlife: Saturday Escapades

Love the Nightlife: Saturday Escapades

It is Saturday once again, and this one is proving to be killer all round. So, let’s not mess that up shall we? You’re going to need to go hard, and we’re here to help. We have a couple of tasty gems to keep you workin for the weekend.

John Jazz @ Day and Night The Brixton. 901 U St NW, WDC 20001

DJ Meegs @ Meso Creso’s 1,001 Beats w/ Special Guest: Davidson Ospina! Zeba Bar, Columbia Heights


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