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Love The Nightlife: Megabeat Roundup

Love The Nightlife: Megabeat Roundup

It is Thursday again ladies and gents, and it is the beginning of your weekly dose of freedom. We are here to make sure you get the full helping. So, let Team One Love slip off those shackles and lay you in the comfortable throes of the libertine life.

JULEZ @ ✦RADIANCE✦- DnB Edition Round Two! Red Maple, Baltimore MD

Penn Social @ Saranac Single Malt Release Party 801 E Street NW, WDC


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Dj Nysus - Breakbeat United Vol 9.5: The Secret Word Is Discotits

Dj Nysus – Breakbeat United Vol 9.5: The Secret Word Is Discotits

We were thrilled around these parts to not only bring the talented DJ Nysus into the Team One Love fold, but also have the last installment of his legendary Breakbeat United series bear the One Love logo. So, when we saw DJ Nysus drop his live set from the Playhouse event on the 18th, we jumped all over it. This 9.5 edition of Breakbeat United, subtitled, The Secret Word Is Discotits, gets down,…

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Psykofly Offers The Grinder EP for Free to Celebrate Modern Savage Recordings Launch

Psykofly Offers The Grinder EP for Free to Celebrate Modern Savage Recordings Launch

Long time DC Drum and Bass deck wielder, Psykofly recently dropped this massive chunk of DnB in the form of his new EP, The Grinder. It’s a free offering to celebrate the new DC based label, Modern Savage Recordings, and if this is any foreshadowing of what’s to come, we’re totally onboard.

With The Grinder, Psykofly serves four brooding beasts that takes the tech sound in subdued and…

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Kanye West - Get Em High (SaintLike Remix)

Kanye West – Get Em High (SaintLike Remix)

Here is a killer remix of Kanye West’s Get Em High, from Team One Love’s own SaintLike. Glitchy and warped, this is somewhere between electro and trap. Like a churning sea, SaintLike has swirls of synths and pads wrap around a tight set of 808 hits. Ratcheting the tempo up, and adding some almost moombah rhythms, SaintLike has Get Em Highre-vamped to get axes clapping on the floor. Even better?…

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Ten Chicago Footwork Steps

Ten Chicago Footwork Steps

We came across this legitimately awesome gem from the beatport blog. For a time now the franticly catchy sounds of Juke and Footwork have been co-opted by the big room trap and progressive bass movements, respectively. But how many people are actually aware of their roots?

Footwork is a serious music and dance movement coming from the windy streets of Chicago. From its organically grown, urban…

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Win Free Entry to the Funk Parade Block Party May 2nd

Win Free Entry to the Funk Parade Block Party May 2nd

We have already talked about how awesome the first DC Funk Parade is going to be, and we are tremendously excited. With a huge host of events going down on the weekend of May 2nd and 3rd, it’s sure to be a big success. The main event goes down on Saturday the 3rd, and includes a street fair, parade, and music festival, all throughout the U Street corridor.

But that isn’t all. One Love Massive is…

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Dmitry Mozorov’s Sonification Tattoo

Dmitry Mozorov’s Sonification Tattoo

People have been tinkering with the idea of tattoo technology for sometime now. With everything from UV tattoos to QR code tattoos, we keep trying to pull more out of this huge trend. Enter Dmitry Mozorov who has another idea, somewhere between cybernetics and soundscape: a tattoo that interacts with specific machinery almost like sheet music.

The fore-arm length tattoo that Mozorov wields…

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